A guide to settling neighbour disputes over access

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Neighbour disputes right of way

Access or right of way disputes are a common occurrence between neighbours, but the rules and laws surrounding rights of way can be complicated to understand. Take a look at our guide to learn more about your rights and how best to settle any neighbour disputes over right of way.…

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Landlords: How to avoid disputes over the colder months

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Houses in winter

With the colder months of winter comes a whole host of issues with heating, water and other property maintenance issues. Many tenants will start to report issues with boilers and heating, as the need to use these starts to become more prevalent.   As a landlord, you have a duty…

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7 ways to streamline your dispute

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Streamline your dispute resolution case

Disputes can often cause a great deal of stress and expense to a business and its owner. Resolving a dispute can often take months or in some cases years to finalise. However, there are a few ways in which you can come to a simple and effective resolution.   With…

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Common causes for contract disputes and contractual issues for businesses

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Contracts play an important role in the day to day running of a business. They are an agreement, written or verbal, between two or more parties which establish the rights and responsibilities of each party for a transaction. Problems concerning the precise terms of agreements can occur and therefore it…

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Can I claim against an insolvent company or individual?

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If you’re owed money from an individual or a firm which is currently, or about to become insolvent, there are several options you could take to try and get your money back.   Read on to learn about how to claim money back from a company in liquidation or a…

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What to do when your tenant causes a neighbour dispute

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Legal Advice for Neighbour Disputes

Even with the various checks and references you acquire before choosing to take on a tenant, there’s no guarantee as to how they will behave when living in your buy-to-let property. If their anti-social behaviour begins to disrupt the surrounding neighbours, it can become very easy for disputes to arise.…

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Skydiving for Lucy’s Air Ambulance

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On the 9th September, a member of our fantastic Stockton Heath team, Joan, will be Skydiving with her daughter, Jenny, and her friend Katherine to help raise money for Lucy’s Air Ambulance for sick children Why Lucy’s Air Ambulance? Lucy’s AA were absolutely fantastic when they helped transfer Joan’s grandson,…

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Residential Landlords – What Is Your Duty of Care?

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Solicitors for landlords

Residential Landlords and commercial Landlords have differing obligations and a duty of care under the law with responsibilities upon residential Landlords much more onerous. Residential properties are full of potential hazards such as: electrical faults, fires and lethal carbon monoxide fumes from gas boilers. Landlords are required to ensure the…

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Last resort: How do you evict a tenant?

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Legal advice for evicting a tenant

Evicting a tenant is a delicate process. That’s why it must be executed properly to avoid any disputes arising from the situation, and to ensure you’re complying with current legislation. Whether you’re a landlord who has a tenant who is in rental arrears or they are not adhering to the…

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What does a commercial litigator do?

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What does a commercial litigator do

Commercial litigation relates to any type of dispute within the business world, whether it’s in a foreign jurisdiction or in the UK. The question is, what does a commercial litigator actually do, how does the process work and how can they help you? Abacus Solicitors have everything you need to…

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