Personal Debt & Insolvency

When you are in financial difficulties our specialist Debt & Insolvency Solicitors can help you.

At Abacus we provide practical, timely and cost-effective advice regarding your financial situation.

Clients approach us at various stages of the process. It may be that you have received letters from a creditor threatening legal action, you may have had a judgment against you, you may have received a statutory demand or be in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings or you may have been recently made bankrupt and want to know if you have any options available to you.

It may be that Insolvency is the right path for you and we can advise as to whether bankruptcy is appropriate or refer you to specialist insolvency practitioners to assist with an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).

Our Personal Insolvency team has experience across all aspects of recovery and enforcement such as:

  • Letters before action
  • Defending County Court claims
  • Dealing with the enforcement of judgments
  • Responding to statutory demands
  • Bankruptcy proceedings

For further information call our Debt Recovery Team on 0161 833 0044 or e-mail

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