The High Court has ordered that any woman who wishes to make a claim under the GLO must register it by 8th April 2013.

To be a part of the Action you need to act quickly.

If you do not have a lawyer and wish to join the GLO you will need to instruct one as soon as possible.

There has been much coverage in the news surrounding Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) implants. It is estimated that over 40,000 women in the UK may have been affected by this.

In March 2012, The High Court made a Group Litigation Order in relation to a Group Action to be pursued by women who received PIP silicone breast implants against those who supplied the PIP implants to them. The Court ordered that any individual who wishes to pursue such a claim may join the Group Action by being added to the Group Register of claims from 31st May 2012.

All individuals must have their claims investigated before they can be added to the Group Register and so need to come forward as soon as possible. On 24th October 2012 the Court imposed a cut-off date for joining the Group Action of 8th April 2013. No-one will be able to join the Group Action after 4.00pm on 8th April 2013 without the permission of the Court.

Do not delay, as it can take many months to investigate a claim. If you do not register a claim before the deadline you may lose the right to make any claim.

At Abacus Solicitors, we have specialist team of medical negligence solicitors, headed up by Marie Neilson, with over 20 years’ experience in this area. Marie can provide you with the very latest legal advice concerning the PIP breast implants, and assess your claim for you.

“I believe most women with PIP implants have a reasonable chance of success in claiming for compensation. This is based on my belief that the women who had PIP implants filled with industrial silicone have a claim for breach of contract against the clinic that carried out the surgery. Individuals should also be looking to claim for reasonable costs associated with any additional surgery, and for the distress and pain and suffering of another operation,” says Marie.

Even if you are not certain that you wish to have any further surgery our advice is that you must act quickly now to seek legal advice and register a claim. If you don’t act quickly you may lose your right to claim.

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