Dental Negligence Claims

Although we know it’s a necessity, very few of us relish a trip to the dentist and whilst the majority of appointments are fairly straightforward and carried out by dental professionals, there are occasions when things go wrong. For example:

Substandard Treatment

Your dentist performs a procedure, such as a root canal or tooth removal incorrectly, resulting in pain or discomfort that could have been avoided, or removes the wrong tooth.


You have a dental problem, such as tooth decay, that isn’t correctly diagnosed by your dentist, meaning you need further treatment as a result of their negligence.

Cosmetic Errors

Your dentist carries out a procedure that results in scarring or the loss of one or more teeth

What can you do if your dental procedure does go wrong?

Whether your treatment was carried out privately or by the NHS, in a dental practice or a hospital, our medical negligence specialist Marie Neilson has considerable experience in dealing with claims against dentists and dental practices.

Marie will explain the claims process in detail so you know what to expect and the likely time frames involved. Marie can also assist should you require corrective surgery or in some cases counselling, to make things right for you again.

Every case is unique and will require specific advice tailored to you.

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