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If you’re troubled with an issue that is affecting your property, we can offer sound advice that could resolve the problem for you.

The property dispute solicitors here at Abacus deal with issues relating to land and property on a daily basis. Our expert team understands that property disputes can be stressful, time-consuming and costly, all whilst preventing you from enjoying time spent in your own home.

We have dealt with a variety of property-related issues throughout our years in business, each of which require unique processes in order to reach a resolution. See below for a number of common property disputes that arise and when our services are often required.


Boundary Disputes

Boundary Disputes are a common but complicated issue to arise amongst property owners. They often arise where a boundary feature is being replaced or an owner considers that a long established boundary is in fact in the wrong place.  Abacus’ expert solicitors can guide you through the process of resolving a boundary dispute that has caused friction between your neighbour and you.

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Easements is a legal term used to describe a variety of rights that you may either have over a neighbouring property or which another party may have over your property. The most common easement is a right of way but others such as easements relating to drains, sewers and other utilities crossing your land or a right to go onto your neighbours land to maintain your property. Easement and right of way disputes can be a minefield and cause significant problems between neighbours and it is therefore important to get the correct advice and guidance. We have substantial experience in dealing with these types of dispute and can advise you as to your position in right of way law and what action to take in your dispute.


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Covenants are a promise to do or not to do something on your property. They are sometimes made by parties on the purchase or sale of a Property or passed down with the Property from previous owners.  Examples are a covenant to maintain boundaries or not to use the land other than in a specified way or not to build on parts of your land. Covenants can bring about a whole host of property disputes between a number of parties and are a complicated area of law.


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Nuisance & Trespass

Nuisance can cover a whole host of disputes but is generally defined as someone doing something upon their land which causes a substantial and unreasonable impact on the enjoyment of your property.  By way of example, it can range from excessive noise, water passing from one property to the next or the passage of noxious gases or smells.

Trespass generally relations to a neighbour entering your land without your permission. This can include them physically walking onto your property and doing something without permission or the erection of a permanent feature upon your land.   Many boundary disputes are in fact based on trespass because the erection of an extension or fence on your land would constitute a trespass by your neighbour.

We have experts with considerable experience in these matters who can assist you in dealing with what is often a complicated and difficult dispute with your neighbours.


Adverse Possession Cases

Adverse Possession relates to a claim to own a land arising from the long term occupation of it by a party.  The rules are again complex and vary dependent upon whether the land is registered or not and when the occupation began.  The process of making an adverse possession claim can be lengthy and very complex, but with the help of our property dispute solicitors at hand, you’ll reach a resolve as efficiently as possible.


Co-Ownership Disputes

A co-ownership relationship, whether a personal relationship or business arrangement, can often come to an end and, with a property involved, there are often disputes as to each parties entitlements. Speak to our specialist solicitors for advice and support through mediation or making a claim.

Equipped with key knowledge and experience, we can assist in resolving property disputes quickly and efficiently where possible. For more complex cases, we can robustly pursue your case through the Courts where necessary.

For a full round up of how and what we deal with, visit our dispute resolution page.

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