Arbitration Services for Businesses

If your business is in the midst of a dispute with another party, it’s wise to consider all of your options before taking your case through court proceedings. Many businesses choose to work through their dispute using arbitration. Abacus Solicitors can advise you on how to get the best result in your arbitration.


What Does Arbitration Mean?

Arbitration is a common method of alternative dispute resolution, which aims to reach a resolution in a simple, timely and effective manner. As part of the arbitration legal process, an agreed upon, unbiased third party will assess your case and will come to a final decision on settling the ongoing business dispute.

We have worked with many businesses as part of the arbitration process, to settle disputes relating to:

  • Contract disputes
  • Issues concerning a business’ clients
  • Disputes with suppliers
  • Construction disputes

Taking your business dispute through the arbitration process will enable you to settle your case in a short amount of time. You can also save money by avoiding court proceedings and can have much more flexibility with regards to how the case is dealt with.


Speak to our Arbitration Solicitors

Our in-house team of specialist dispute resolution solicitors have substantial experience in settling business disputes through the arbitration process. Whether you’re looking for information on the cost of arbitration or would like to proceed with this dispute resolution method, speak to the team at our Manchester office or Warrington office for expert advice and guidance.