Disrepair & Dilapidations

Both landlords and tenants have repairing obligations when renting a property. Disrepair, in the case of residential premises, and dilapidations, in the case of commercial premises, can have a negative effect upon the health and safety of the tenant and other occupiers, be detrimental to the tenant’s business, and, in both cases, significantly impact upon the value of the landlord’s investment.

Accordingly, and in order to avoid a formal dispute arising, when the need for repairs is identified, it is essential that the parties engage in discussions and proactively take steps to address and remedy the disrepair.

In cases where discussions have broken down, or one party refuses/ignores requests to effect repairs, steps can be taken to determine and/or enforce the parties’ respective repairing obligations.

We can advise you as to the remedies and options available to you, both in contemplation of proceedings, and by alternative routes, and take the appropriate steps on your behalf.

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