Professional Negligence

People often ask professionals to undertake tasks on their behalf and rely on their expertise in the tasks being carried out correctly.

What is Professional Negligence?

Professional negligence claims arise where the services provided by a professional fall below the standard that one would reasonably expect and the client suffers a loss as a result.

Our Professional Negligence team has a wealth of experience in this type of dispute. We can handle claims against all types of professionals such as solicitors, surveyors, architects, planning consultants, mechanical and electrical engineers or financial advisors.

We understand that as a result of the poor advice or negligent actions you may have experienced at the hands of a professional, your trust may have been diminished. Our experienced solicitors will do what they can to redress this; providing honest straight-forward advice from the outset of your claim.

We act for claimants against professionals including:

  • accountants
  • architects
  • barristers
  • estate agents
  • engineers
  • insurance brokers
  • solicitors
  • surveyors
  • valuers

In many cases where there is a claim against a professional, you may find yourself involved in a related dispute with a third party as a result of the professional’s fault. Perhaps because of their poor advice, or drafting, led you to sign an unsatisfactory contract or one you are unable to perform, or because a building project is delayed due to inaccurate plans or third party rights that your solicitor failed to warn you about. In these situations, we can usually assist with the main dispute as well as the professional negligence claim.

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