Abacus can help if you as a landlord, recover arrears of rent and ensure your tenant is evicted.

We can act regarding properties nationwide and offer a fast, reliable and efficient service.

There are two types of notices relevant to the commencement of possession/eviction action. These are commonly known as a Section 8 and a Section 21 notice.

These are notices that state a tenant is required to leave by a specific date. The section 8 notice contains breaches, for example, rent arrears. These notices amount to a warning to tenants that if they fail to leave court action for possession/eviction may follow.

Service of the relevant Notice alone can sometimes be enough for a tenant to leave the property. If not then we can offer a fixed fee service for any non-defended Court Proceedings.

At a court hearing, the court will generally order that the tenant leaves the property in 14 days or even forthwith. However, on some occasions when the 14-day court order has expired the tenant may still refuse to leave. If this happens it is possible for us to arrange for the court-appointed bailiffs to eject the tenant.

Contact us on 0161 8330044 or e-mail disputes@abacus-law.co.uk for further information.

We offer a fixed fee service where possible as follows:

Preparation and Service of a Section 21 or Section 8 Notice£75.00 plus VAT
Accelerated Possession Procedure£375 plus VAT (plus a court fee of £355)
Possession Proceedings£525 plus VAT (plus court fee of £355 and any advocate fee for the hearing – usually £162 inc VAT)
Defended ProceedingsOur fixed fees deal with any first hearing and as most claims are undefended that is usually the end of the Court’s involvement.

However, if a defence is filed at court any further work falls outside of the above fixed fee. A separate fee arrangement will need to be agreed with you in relation to defended claims. We will advise you on the most appropriate way forward once we are notified of any defence.

Instructing Bailiffs£125 plus VAT and Court Fee £121.00