Arbitration for Individuals

Before taking your dispute with another party through the courts, see what our legal arbitration services could offer in terms of reaching a resolve and settling your dispute.


What is Arbitration?

Legal arbitration is a form of dispute resolution, where an independent third party or ‘arbitrator’ makes a legally binding decision about what the outcome of a dispute should be. It is a much more private process than court proceedings, which is typically a more favourable option for many.

Some of the types of arbitration we handle include:

  • Right of way issues
  • Easement disagreements
  • Contract disputes

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so it’s important to ensure that you get expert advice from our solicitors about the settlement of disputes through arbitration and mediation, or another of our alternative dispute resolution services.

Arbitration in conflict resolution is a complicated area and requires specialist knowledge to ensure that your case and evidence will help you to be successful in your pursuit.


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