Boundary Dispute Solicitors for your Business

Our boundary dispute solicitors can help your business traverse the minefield of issues and conflicts concerning property boundaries. If your business is experiencing a boundary dispute, it is essential to obtain legal advice from solicitors specialising in boundary disputes as soon as possible, whatever the nature of the land.


What is a Boundary Dispute?

Boundary disputes typically occur when two parties are in a disagreement over who owns a particular area of land that joins the two business’ properties together. It’s common for a boundary dispute to arise when a new business moves into one of the associated properties, or begins building on the land next to an existing business’ property.

Boundary disputes are also caused as a result of:

  • A boundary wall being built in the wrong place – boundary wall disputes will arise when the wall is built over one of the business’ land, rather than in the middle of both properties
  • When two parties can’t agree on who owns or is responsible for a boundary feature
  • A boundary changing over time and one of the parties refuses to accept the new positioning
  • Parties relying on the details within Land Registry plans, which cannot be the determining factor of a boundary

When not resolved, these types of disputes can lead to more costly implications for one or both of the parties involved in the original boundary dispute. The value of the commercial property can be affected, as well as the opportunity to adapt or develop the business’ property.


Advice on Boundary Disputes is Recommended

Something as simple as property boundaries can quickly become complicated circumstances, if the situation turns into a boundary dispute. It can be difficult to reach a resolve without expert advice on boundary disputes and the legalities behind them.

By taking on the help of specialist property dispute solicitors, they will be able to implement the necessary steps to reach an agreement between both parties. The expert boundary dispute resolution team at Abacus Solicitors have years of experience in:

  • Offering professional advice and guidance on the steps to take to settle a boundary dispute for your business
  • Working with boundary surveyors to research and discover the vital information needed to resolve boundary disputes
  • Filing for adverse possession, for long-lived boundary disputes
  • Supporting your claim through the Courts, should your dispute reach this level of action


Speak to the Boundary Dispute Resolution Team

For specialist advice on boundary disputes or to pursue a legal claim against an ongoing boundary dispute, contact the experts at Abacus Solicitors on You can also contact our Manchester office or Warrington office, who will be able to direct your enquiry to the relevant solicitor.