A guide to buying a commercial property with tenants in situ

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A guide to buying commercial property with tenants in situ

The number of commercial landlords in the UK who are seeing the upsides of buying and selling properties with tenants in situ is growing. Simply put, tenants in situ is the term used when a property becomes available to purchase with a tenant already occupying the property.   Subject to…

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Residential vs Commercial Landlords: What are your responsibilities?

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residential landlords & commercial landlords responsibilities

Residential property investment varies significantly from commercial property investment, and so too do the responsibilities for residential landlords compared to commercial landlords.  The option you choose can impact your lifestyle in different ways, therefore, it’s important to assess both options to ensure you’re making the right decision for your next…

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Everything you need to know about contract disputes with builders

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Contract disputes with builders

Having building work carried out on your home or business property can be a concerning time, even if all goes well. However, if you’ve experienced delays, poor workmanship or unexpected bills, this can make your experience all the more unpleasant and may not give you the results you were looking…

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Buying a Property – When can property contract disputes arise?

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When can property contract disputes arise?

Contract disputes can be difficult to resolve, especially where property is concerned. Contracts are exchanged during a property purchase to protect both the buyer and the seller. The Standard Conditions of Sale (Fifth Edition) are used during residential property transactions and can be referred to during any disputes that arise,…

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Property Disputes – A guide to preparing your property dispute claim

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Preparing for a property dispute claim

Property disputes can be complicated and time-consuming, and they are particularly difficult because you often have to continue to live next to the other side. No matter whether your property dispute centres around a disagreement over property boundaries, upkeep of shared areas or blockage of your right of way, getting…

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A guide to alternative dispute resolution

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A guide to alternative dispute resolution

Disputes of all natures often come with a lot of stress, time and effort, which is why it’s best to resolve them as soon as possible. However, taking someone to court can prolong the dispute and so it’s often better to consider alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as early as possible.…

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What you need to know about buying an empty property

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Buying an empty property

If you’re a landlord, empty properties may provide an interesting investment option. Although empty houses are often in need of repair and refurbishment, they are usually obtainable for below the market price. Despite this, there are a number of things you need to be aware of when buying, selling and…

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When should your dispute go to court?

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When should your dispute go to court?

Legal disputes can take many forms, but one factor they have in common is that they are usually complicated processes which can take a long time to resolve. Whether you’re locked in a dispute over contracts, property, easements or anything else, it can be tempting to immediately want to take…

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