A guide to alternative dispute resolution

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A guide to alternative dispute resolution

Disputes of all natures often come with a lot of stress, time and effort, which is why it’s best to resolve them as soon as possible. However, taking someone to court can prolong the dispute and so it’s often better to consider alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as early as possible.…

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What you need to know about buying an empty property

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Buying an empty property

If you’re a landlord, empty properties may provide an interesting investment option. Although empty houses are often in need of repair and refurbishment, they are usually obtainable for below the market price. Despite this, there are a number of things you need to be aware of when buying, selling and…

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When should your dispute go to court?

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When should your dispute go to court?

Legal disputes can take many forms, but one factor they have in common is that they are usually complicated processes which can take a long time to resolve. Whether you’re locked in a dispute over contracts, property, easements or anything else, it can be tempting to immediately want to take…

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A guide to property chains and how to manage them

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How to manage a property chain

Property chains can be a nightmare to deal with, however, in some cases they are unavoidable. If you’re a first-time buyer, it’s important you get to know property chains and how to manage them, to avoid getting into any sticky situations with your house purchase.   To help you do…

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Are you getting enough from your commercial property solicitors?

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Get more from your commercial property solicitor

Regardless of whether you own one property or you’re the proud owner of a large commercial property portfolio, enlisting the help of the right commercial property solicitor is essential for making the process of buying and selling commercial property as smooth as possible.   A diligent commercial property lawyer will…

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The top 5 places for commercial property investment outside of London

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Commercial property outside London

Investing in commercial property in the UK may feel like taking a stab in the dark given the volatile economic climate and the uncertainty of Brexit. Despite this, sales in the UK commercial property market have experienced growth, and this trend is set to continue in the future.   Similarly…

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When can you claim against an accountant?

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Claim against accountant

We work regularly with accountants and most do a great job for their clients as with solicitors. However, as with most professions, mistakes can happen which can prove costly or be damaging to your business. You may, therefore, be wondering, ‘Can I sue my accountant for bad advice?’. Continue reading…

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The benefits of investing in commercial property

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The benefits of investing in commercial property

Whether you’re considering making the switch from residential property investment, or you’re a business owner planning on moving on from renting a commercial space, investing in commercial property can bring about a wealth of benefits for your future.   With the recent changes and challenges faced in residential investment (including…

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Are your rental properties fit for purpose this year?

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Rental properties

New regulations are coming into force in 2018 that will impact landlords across the UK. It’s important to know what these are, and make sure that you’re compliant in order to avoid hefty fines or legal issues.  Read on to find out more about these changes and the steps you can…

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