Interfering in-laws are ‘responsible for one in 10 divorces’ in Britain, study into marriage breakdown reveals…

Arguments about how often couples see parents and families were the underlying tensions behind nearly a third of marriage splits, while rows over how to bring up the children caused difficulties for a quarter of divorcees.

Disagreements over the division of household chores, career aspirations and holidays were also major factors in married couples splitting up.

Meanwhile, half of all married couples never discuss where to live or whether to have children before they get married, which could lead to trouble further down the line, the study found.

The study surveyed 2,000 married couples, including 800 divorcees.

While traditional causes of divorce, such as infidelity and selfishness, were the biggest reasons for marriages breaking down, lifestyle habits, such as how often they go out and the amount they drink, and where the couple lives were among the biggest reasons for tension in marriages.

A total of 11 per cent of those polled blamed interfering in-laws for their marriage break down, while eight per cent blamed political beliefs.

Another nine per cent said they got married too young and 13 per cent blamed their incompatibility.

Meanwhile, 31 per cent of those polled said rows over whether to have children caused tensions, while 25 per cent argued over how to bring up children.


1 – Lifestyle choices – drinking etc (46 per cent)

2 – Where we live (37 per cent)

3 – Division of chores (36 per cent)

4 – Whether to have children (31 per cent)

5 – How often we see families (28 per cent)

6- Being ‘stay at home parent’ or continuing with career (28 per cent)

7 – How we bring up children (25 per cent)

8- Career aspirations (23 per cent)

9 – Travelling and holidays (23 per cent)

10 – How often we see friends (22 per cent)


1- Affair (33 per cent)

2 – Selfishness (22 per cent)

3 – Personality traits (too similar or too different) (14 per cent)

4 – Abusive relationship (14 per cent)

5 – Different expectations from life (13 per cent)

6 – We’re not compatible (13 per cent)

7 – Job loss or debt (12 per cent)

8 – Interfering in-laws (11 per cent)

9 – Got married too young (9 per cent)

10 – Political beliefs (8 per cent)

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