Head of Personal Injury at Abacus Solicitors LLP, Robin Torr, has recently won a claim for a gentleman who stood in a grid in which a piece of plywood had been inserted following the theft of the grid cover.

Liability was denied.

The Council claimed that they had a reasonable system of inspection, even though their Code of Practice preceded the 2005 Code of Practice for Highway Maintenance. And although this was pointed out to them, they refused to admit liability and continued to fight the case.

The Council put the Claimant to proof – meaning that he had to go to Court to prove that his claim occurred as he alleged, and suggested that the claim was in fact fabricated. They also tried to attack his credibility, relying in part on incorrect information about a person with the same name as the Claimant being prosecuted for handling stolen goods a few years after his accident took place.

“In short, they used every trick in the book to try and get out of paying our client the compensation he so rightly deserved,” says Robin.

Robin was unphased by the Defendant’s stance and carried on all the way to Court, securing a settlement for nearly 30% more than the offer the Claimant had previously been made a year before the trial.

Robin has also recently been victorious in a Road Traffic Accident claim, where the Defendant was arguing that the accident occurred at such a low speed that it could not have caused the client injury. The Defendant originally offered Robin’s client £600 for her injury.

Undeterred, Robin took the case to Court and secured a settlement of £3,000 – five times more than had been originally offered.


Robin Torr specialises in personal injury claims, for example road traffic accidents, accidents at work, and trips and slips claims. If you have suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

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