This brave lady has recently featured in the Daily Express having received help from The Walton Centre, a specialist neurological hospital in Liverpool.

Collette, aged 44 and a customer services worker from Widnes, suffers from severe trigeminal neuralgia, caused by compression of nerves at the back of her skull.

Even the strongest painkillers can only reduce Collette’s symptoms and when the pain does strike it is debilitating.  She is unable to function and often has no choice but to go home, crawl into bed and wait for the excruciating attack to pass.

However, after being invited to attend a pioneering pain management programme (PMP) at The Walton Centre, Collette has now learned to manage her condition and get on with her life, work, and role as mother to her three children.

The six-week programme uses cognitive behaviour, physiotherapy and occupational therapy as well giving patients the chance to meet others in a similar situation.

“Before going on the programme pain was the only thing I could see but now it’s not,” says Collette.

“It lives with me. It’s a lodger. The pain doesn’t get better but what has changed is how I am now able to cope with it. ..The programme has had a massive impact.”

The Walton Centre, which this year celebrated its 30th anniversary, treats around 400 patients every year.

It offers a group-based rehabilitation treatment and participants, who can be referred from anywhere in the UK, are seen by four specialist clinicians. These include psychologists who look at the impact chronic pain has on mood and behaviour.

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We would like to wish Collette all the best during this festive season.

Our personal injury team act for a number of clients who suffer continuous pain caused by injuries following an accident or medical negligence claim and we may be able to help them to obtain funding for rehabilitation.

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