As reported in the news this week, breast surgeon Ian Paterson faces investigation and has been suspended from duty amid allegations that he carried out operations on 450 healthy patients that they did not need.

Paterson is also accused of performing partial mastectomies on a further 700 patients, potentially increasing the risk of developing breast cancer.

Patients of Mr Paterson have now unleashed their fury as he is suspected of botching 1,000 breast cancer operations.

Paterson has allegedly carried out needless mastectomies and some procedures which go against national surgical guidelines.

These women have been robbed them of their femininity, and been subjected to mental, emotional and physical torture. One woman even planned her own funeral.

Some are demanding compensation, while others are seeking criminal charges, arguing that a man who attacked them with a knife in the street would face jail.

As yet, no arrest has been made, however Mr Paterson was suspended last month, and this isn’t the first time he has been investigated. In 2004, the Heart of England NHS Trust discovered his use of cleavage-sparing operations in 2004 and after further investigation was told to stop performing them in 2007.

Patients were then recalled to the hospital to have their conditions reviewed – 700 of them.

Around 100 of Paterson’s patients are said to be seeking compensation.

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