A recent scam involving cold calling by someone who claims to be from the Motor Insurers Bureau or who says they got their information from the Motor Insurance Database has been reported…

The caller may:

  • say that they have been instructed by MIB to call you about your accident claim
  • trick you into giving information about any motor accidents you have been involved in
  • encourage you to falsify information in order to make a claim to MIB
  • try to get your personal data or banking details so that “your compensation” can be paid to you

The MIB does contact:

  • individuals or their legal representatives who have submitted claims for an accident with an uninsured or untraced driver
  • a named defendant/third party in a claim
  • the registered keeper of a vehicle that does not appear to be insured according to the Motor Insurance Database (MID). (MIB will send a warning letter that sets out the immediate action required to stay legal and avoid getting a Fixed Penalty Notice from the DVLA.)

The MIB does not:

  • call the public about claiming for motor accidents unless you have already made a claim to MIB
  • sell or give out the information held on the motor insurance database to unauthorised third parties
  • ask for your banking details via the telephone

To report an incident of this nature to MIB, they will need:

1. The full NAME of the person who called you
2. The TELEPHONE number of the person who called you
3. The name of the company which called you (even if they say they are MIB)
4. The name of your own insurer if you are happy to provide it

The details you provide will then be used by MIB for anti-fraud and complaints management purposes.

For further information visit: http://www.mib.org.uk/Company+Information/en/Contact+Information/Default.htm

Contact MIB by telephoning 01908 830 001 or e-mail feedback@mib.org.uk