Land Assembly

Land assembly can often be a critical stage in the delivery of major development projects. 

Land may not always be acquired by agreement and the use of compulsory purchase powers can be required. The formal stopping up of Public Highways or other access routes may also be needed.

Our highly skilled commercial property team can assist in each of these areas including:

  • Advice on the scoping and promotion of CPOs under a wide range of statutory powers
  • Drafting of Statements of Reasons/Case
  • Planning and urban design inputs into site planning briefs to help justify the inclusion of plots within an Order
  • Preparation and submission of Highway Stopping Up and Footpath Closure/ Diversion Orders
  • Preparation and submission of objections to CPO and Road Closure Orders
  • Presentation of Expert Planning Evidence at Public Inquiries

Our business relocation and compensation skills include:

  • Advice and support to Acquiring Authorities to help deliver the satisfactory relocation of businesses affected by a proposed CPO
  • Advice to Acquiring Authorities or Affected Landowners with regard to planning assumptions to underpin the assessment of land value
  • Preparation and submission of Applications and Appeals for Certificates of Appropriate Alternative Development
  • Preparation and presentation of Expert Planning Evidence in Lands Tribunal and other Hearings

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