Dispute Resolution

Our Dispute Resolution team is experienced in handling high-value, complex legal proceedings for both businesses and individuals. This is what makes us the first port of call for clients facing disputes of just about every type.

Things can occasionally go wrong even in the closest relationships. Often, they can be resolved quickly but sometimes they turn into full-blown disputes which can threaten the very survival of a business, your livelihood or even your home.

Our strength is in finding ways to resolve problems quickly wherever possible through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution. If a dispute can’t be resolved then you can count on us to fight your corner through the Courts.

Our lawyers handle all types of formal dispute resolution, including litigation, arbitration, expert determination, and mediation. Where possible, we seek practical, cost-effective solutions.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution covers:

For further information call our Litigation team on 0161 833 0044 or email disputes@abacus-law.co.uk

You can also contact our Manchester Office or Warrington Office by visiting in person, filling out our form or giving us a call.


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