Leases can be varied in two ways either by mutual consent of all current parties or by application to the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987. Abacus’ Landlord & Tenant specialists can assist you with either aspect.

If by mutual consent then all you need to do to instruct us is to let us have a copy of the lease; details of the changes you have agreed with the tenant and details of the tenant or their solicitors and we will do the rest. If the tenant has requested changes then we may also be able to get them to pay your legal fees.

If no consent to vary is forthcoming from the tenant but the lease is unworkable then it may be possible to apply to the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) for changes to the lease in specific circumstances.

Again all we need is a copy of the lease or leases ; details of why the specific provisions are unsatisfactory so our specialist team can assess the position and advise you fully.

For assistance please contact our dispute resolution team on 0161 833 0044 or