Cohabitation Disputes

In the unfortunate event of your relationship breaking down, or your choosing to no longer live with your partner, our expert team of cohabitation solicitors are at hand to settle any cohabitation disputes that may arise from these circumstances.

What is Cohabitation?

Cohabitation refers to two or more parties choosing to live together without being married. Whilst the vast majority of this rising household trend consists of unmarried couples, cohabitation also includes:

  • Friends who live together
  • Adult family members who choose to live together
  • Business associates who co-own a property

Our Cohabitation Disputes Services

The specialist cohabitation solicitors here at Abacus are well-versed in assisting with a variety of legal dealings relating to cohabitation disputes.

Not only do we help to resolve any issues that arise in the aftermath of a cohabitation breaking down, we also help to prevent these disputes from occurring in the first place. Examples of the cohabitation services we offer include:

  • Assessing a party’s cohabitation rights based on cohabitation laws
  • Producing cohabitation agreements
  • Resolving cohabitation disputes
  • The division of property and assets between cohabitees
  • Negligence claims against solicitors who previously dealt with the cohabitees
  • Assisting in cases where a partner has been made bankrupt
  • Advising on express, constructive and resulting trusts and proprietary estoppel

Speak to our Cohabitation Solicitors Today

If the relationship between you and your partner breaks down, our professional cohabitation solicitors can help. We will be able to advise both claimants and defendants throughout the legal proceedings involved with your particular cohabitation dispute.

With years of knowledge and experience in cohabitation law, we will work to resolve your dispute as efficiently as possible, whether that’s through negotiation, mediation or pursuing the claim through the Courts.

Get in touch with our Manchester office or Warrington office today, to discuss your cohabitation disputes or to speak with our cohabitation agreement solicitors.

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