Transfer of ownership

What is Transfer of Ownership?

A Transfer of Ownership (sometimes called Transfer of Equity) is needed when you want to change the legal ownership of your property. You are strongly advised to appoint a solicitor to do this.

A property is often the most valuable asset a person will ever own. You can count on us to ensure you receive the best advice to protect your interests.

We understand that sometimes, a transfer may be a necessity rather than choice. Whatever the circumstances, our specialist advisors will guide you through this process with complete confidence.

Transfer of ownership agreements

Some examples of when a Transfer of Ownership may be required include:

  • If you get married or cohabit and want to transfer an existing home into joint names
  • If you separate or get divorced and want to transfer a jointly owned property into the sole name of one owner
  • As part of tax planning if advised by your financial adviser, to transfer your share of the property

It may be the case that changes to the property ownership are contentious and a dispute has arisen. If you have concerns regarding this, then please consult our Co-Ownership Disputes page here.

Transfer of Ownership Solicitors

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