Our Commercial Property department has niche specialists dealing with the sale and acquisition of Freehold and Ground Rent investments.

Freehold ground rents are more popular than ever, providing a secure income which is not subject to fluctuations in the property market, and increasingly higher prices are being paid.  For developers, this is often and under-exploited source of additional revenue, but proper advice is required in order to maximise the value of freehold ground rents and avoid falling foul of complex legislation.  Failure to follow correct procedures can cause freehold sales to fail, and worse, can be a criminal offence.

We can advise on all aspects of these transactions dealing drafting leases to maximise the freehold value, advising on pricing, negotiating heads of terms, contracts and advising on the potential pitfalls of the transactions.

Contact our freehold and ground rents specialists on 0161 8330044 or e-mail property@abacus-law.co.uk