Nose procedure gone wrong?

There are a number of cosmetic nose procedures available using different surgical techniques for example cartilage reduction, the breaking and then restructuring of the bridge of the nose, or incising the nostrils. Rhinoplasty, as it is also known, is a very complex procedure and therefore carries a high risk of complications which could give rise to a claim for compensation.

  • Saddle deformity at the tip of the nose, known as ‘supra-tip hollowing’
  • Uneven nostrils or an uneven nose shape after scars have healed – can be due to excessive tissue removal or poor restructuring of the nose
  • Post-Operative Infection
  • Bleeding and haematoma.
  • Eye injury
  • Intracranial Complications
  • Broken capillaries/thread veins
  • Scarring
  • Bone irregularities
  • Nasal obstruction
  • Decreased sense of smell
  • Nasal collapse – in extreme cases the columella, or bridge of the nose caves inwards

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