The risks associated with tummy tucks (or abdominoplasty) can range from fatal blood clots to minor cosmetic issues.

Although the most serious complications associated with abdominoplasty are not very common, other non-life threatening problems such as less-than-ideal aesthetic results occur quite frequently.

  • Damage to blood vessels
  • Post-operative bleeding
  • Post-operative infection
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Bloods clots including deep vein or pulmonary thrombosis
  • Fat necrosis causing lumps under the skin
  • Wound separation
  • Noticeable asymmetry following surgery
  • Dog ears or bunching of the skin that may occur at the two ends of the horizontal tummy tuck incision
  • Disfigured belly button
  • Visible sutures
  • Excessive scarring

If you have undergone a tummy tuck procedure and you are unhappy with the results, this may be due to poor treatment or clinical negligence. You may be able to claim for compensation in order to put things right for you again.

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