If you fall behind with your mortgage repayments and have not been able to come to an arrangement with your mortgage lender, they will issue you with what is called a ‘notice of default.’

This letter is the first stage in the repossession of your home. Don’t ignore it.  Seek legal advice from our repossession team as soon as you can.

At Abacus, we will also assist you if your mortgage lender moves to the next stage of repossession – requesting a ‘claim for possession’ from the Court.

Our experienced solicitors will continue negotiating with your mortgage lender even if they have begun formal proceedings to repossess your home.

Your mortgage lender is bound by property law to follow a set procedure called the ‘pre-action protocol’ that gives you time to look for ways of resolving your dispute with your mortgage lender. For example, you could look into using the Government’s Mortgage Rescue Scheme. Our solicitors can explain how this scheme works and assess its suitability for your circumstances.

If you do get into difficulty with your mortgage repayments, our advice is to act quickly.

If you require any further information or need representation in Court, call our dedicated repossession team on 0161 833 0044