The rules of repossession of property with commercial premises

The rules of repossession of property with commercial premises The rules for repossession of commercial and residential properties are different with varying requirements for each procedure. In certain circumstances, commercial properties can be repossessed by peaceful re-entry by the landlord whereas residential property will almost always require a Court order to obtain possession. Commercial properties […]

Professional negligence and your new business premises

Signs of professional negligence to look for when acquiring your business’ new premises Professional negligence can come in many forms, from a variety of different industries. If this happens when acquiring your business’ new premises, the financial implications can be severe if you don’t act accordingly. As a result of negligent actions and poor advice […]

Boundary disputes – Where do you draw the line?

What are Your Options When it Comes to Boundary Disputes? Moving into your new home and meeting the neighbours is an exciting time in any homeowner’s life, as is setting up your property to truly make it your own. In some cases, however, concerns and disagreements over property boundaries between your own property and that […]

How you and your business can avoid falling victim to architect negligence

Across the UK, there are a number of towns and cities that are either currently developing their commercial areas, or have big plans to do so in the near future. Much of these developments are due to a favourable focus from particular industries within these areas, where startups from within these industries flock to join […]

Your cohabitation rights when buying a property together

Cohabitation rights Living together before marriage – known as cohabitation – is a popular stepping stone, however, some couples are now choosing it over marriage altogether. If you’re planning on taking a big step forward in your relationship by moving in together, chances are you’ve been thinking about a few things beforehand, and that’s completely […]

A 7-step process to recovering debts owed to your business

Do you have clients and customers who don’t pay on time? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – there are thousands of companies in the UK who have this problem. However, there are ways of recovering the debts if you act in the right way. What is the debt recovery procedure? At Abacus Solicitors, our debt […]

Spring Budget 2017 – What does it mean for the property industry?

On March 8th, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, announced the Spring Budget 2017. Many people were curious to see what would follow on from the Autumn Budget 2016, which delivered plenty of bombshells for the property industry. What does the Spring Budget mean for landlords? The last few years have been a particularly difficult […]